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Rosewood Luxury Condominium

2823 Providence Rd, Charlotte NC 28211

Rosewood takes its name from the rose garden previously adorning the former nine-acre homesite of the late Oliver Rowe, respected Charlotte businessman and philanthropist.

During the early 1930s, Marie and Oliver Rowe sought a place in the country where they could raise their children. They found a large house outside the city, ten miles from the Square, on a two-lane dirt road that led southeast. In October 1933, the Rowe family moved into the farmhouse-style residence on Providence Road.

During the Great Depression, the Rowes made their home place a self-sustaining, working farm with vegetable gardens and animals grazing in the two pastures on the north side of the property. Oliver Rowe’s mother, Charity, loved the roses in the garden on the property, and, in 1973, the Rowes established a formal rose garden in her memory. With over 250 rose bushes, the garden soon became an admired Charlotte landmark.

Now, over forty years later, Rosewood Condominium is situated on this homesite in a structure whose design recalls the great delicacy and correctness of a Loire Valley château. These 134 distinctive homes continue the same commitment to excellence that distinguished Oliver Rowe’s life.

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About the Artist

Harold Cooler's peers consider him to be one of the best of the local practitioners of the "art of architecture." In more than 50 years practice in Charlotte, he has consistently produced designs that, though grounded in the rhythms of the classic traditions, have been triumphs of the marriage of a stern pragmatism and bold, innovative style. He credits an indulgent clientele for allowing so much fun in pursuit of his passion.

Since retirement, he has turned his attention to other pursuits, writing two memoirs, "Chicora Chronicle," and "Booster Kuester and Beyond." His latest endeavor involves a return to watercolor renderings, an early skill he developed to enhance conversation with clients.

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