Chicora Chronicle

"Chicora Chronicle," by Harold L. Cooler, is a story about a southern family's life in the South Carolina "lowcountry" during the 1920s, '30s, and '40s. As a boy, Harold was immersed in the rich and varied influences of plantation life, including the Gullah ("Geechee") dialect. He grew up hunting, fishing, and even stalking and skinning alligators for sale.

Perceptive by nature and sensitive to his environment, Harold would later study architecture in college and practice for over fifty years. Now he writes with the authority of a native son who has lived and breathed the lowcountry life for over 80 years.

In "Chicora Chronicle" he recalls the good (but hard) times of lowcountry life during his formative years. More than just a memoir, the results of his efforts provide unique insight into the social and economic realities of the times, as well as lively portraits of people of rare personal qualities. The book includes illustrations of these people and places by the author, as well as a Bonus DVD containing Gullah tales and more.

224 pgs, Illustrated by Author, Bonus Gullah DVD included; $15.00 plus S/H


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