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Architectural Visualization

Below are examples of architectural visualization ("arch viz") projects we've worked on, which provide 3D renderings of proposed designs for clients and contractors. These renderings are generally provided with a quick turnaround time of 1-2 days, and are affordably developed. They include basic views of the proposed designs, and can include interior lighting with image-based lighting (IBL) for the environment, along with animation, if desired.


These renderings will help the client and contractor visualize how the project will look before construction is started, addressing any potential costly problems beforehand. Renderings can also be provided for mobile devices (e.g., iPad, iPhone, etc) enabling on-site review with clients. If you have a need for such 3D renderings of your project, contact me here for a quote, or at:

(click on thumbnails for larger views):

NOTE: Click on the " X" in the playbar below to view animations at full resolution!

Animation for Bernstein project (48 sec, no audio)

Animation of a walk-in closet being considered.

"Possibilities" video (8 min, with music after the intro)

Animation of future expansion possibilities for a local church.

Animation for Joey B. project (22 sec, no audio)

Animation of a two-story office and library.